Pichu bracelet

This is possibly the bracelet I’m most proud of. If I ever have free time again, I’ll have to make a similar one for myself… maybe a Charmander…..

Got this pattern from Heather’s friendship bracelet forum, where there are tons of other Pokémon patterns you should check out if you’re into this kind of thing and also happen to be a huge nerd like me.


The Hunger Games

Sorry, as usual, that I’ve been away for a while. I’ve kept myself quite busy with my countdown to spring on Mandarin Blue (not to mention writing a freaking novel!). But the countdown is done now, so it’s time to give Silvertongue 2.0 and Brewings of a Mad Barista a little TLC. Let’s start with the dream I just woke up from.

The first thing I remember is a bike. It was pink and too small for me, but it was faster than running, and speed was key. I was younger, the age when my neighbor used to harass me with water guns for kicks. The bike would enable me to dodge his attacks and return home safely.

I made it to my garage. There were a few other bikes in there and a lot of leaky bottles of chemicals. Some other people, maybe neighbors or siblings or friends or other people I lived with for none of those reasons, came into the garage after me. After talking for a bit, it became clear that we were preparing for some kind of contest. Escaping my water gun-wielding neighbor was just the first test.

They made us come out. I didn’t want to leave the garage, even though it reeked from all the chemicals, but they made us come out and fight. All I wanted to do was get away. There was a circle of administrators around the melee and as the fight got smaller, they were closing in, closing the gaps between them and with them my hopes of freedom.

I extracted myself and made a run for it, and I actually did get out of the circle. But I was followed. I looked back at one point, and almost all of the administrators were on my tail. I suppose this gave the other kids an opportunity to escape if they wanted, but at this point I don’t think they mattered to the admin. I had proven myself the best by getting past them. I was their champion.

The next thing I knew I was in something of a dormitory situation. I seemed to be the only one with any idea that the people keeping us here didn’t have our best interests in mind. I’m not sure what they were telling us, but they had most of the girls convinced that it was an honor to be there. Meanwhile I was plotting my escape.

I climbed out a window to see where it would take me. I did this a few times, and each one only led me into other rooms. But finally I climbed through one that was next to a big indoor play structure, sort of like the McDonald’s ones, that led out onto a roof. It had an inside glass pane, an outer glass pane, and a screen and I was terrified an admin would see me before I got out.

I met another girl on the roof, and after a minute my friend Eli and maybe his girlfriend were also there. My girl friend was trying to convince me not to run away. Eli was upset with me for spending time with some guy he didn’t trust or like. At the time I remembered who it was and I remembered being with him a lot, but I have no idea now what I talked about or did with this guy that Eli hated. I do know that my intentions were not what Eli seemed to think, and I was not very invested in the friendship. I think I was actually using the kid – having him trust me meant he wouldn’t keep secrets from me, and he was a force to be reckoned with in whatever competition we were there to train for and complete.

Then Eli and I started talking about getting away, and we made plans to try and do it that night. I had been looking for a map of the area, because I had no idea where they’d taken us, but couldn’t find one (and I’m sure that was on purpose, though at the time I felt like it was a video game and we should have been given a map, even if we had to search for it). But we decided to do it anyway. There might have been one or two others who decided to go with us. I felt, overall, that the people from the second floor where I lived were decent critical thinkers and could be convinced of their peril and was going to talk to others about coming with us.

Back inside, I went downstairs to my second-floor dorm. But then it occurred to me – why shouldn’t I go upstairs? Besides the fact that contestants were supposed to stay on their own floors, there was nothing to stop me from seeing who lived on the third floor. So I went up.

I was greeted enthusiastically by a girl in a pink and orange dress. She looked like a hippie. She introduced herself, and I think her name started with a C. I talked to C for a very short time before she decided I needed to have a demon cast out of me. She did this dance and said this prayer and thrust her hand into my chest, knocking me over. I did really feel that the Holy Spirit, or some kind of spirit, had struck me at the same time and was in me, or that something had come out of me. But I was not changed.

I talked with C about my mission to escape. I cared about her now and didn’t want to leave her behind. But the girls on this floor were even more naive than the ones on my floor and really, truly believed that being there was an honor. They didn’t get what I meant by run away, didn’t understand that I meant for good. There was a big trial the next day and they were appalled that I would think of missing it. I began to feel that this was something like the Hunger Games. They were all sticking it out for their families and hometowns, for the honor and because winning would bring the town wealth and supplies.

Sadly, I left C and the third floor girls and returned to my own room to pack. I hadn’t wanted to bring anything, but decided some essentials were in order. I put them in a small backpack that I disguised under a big, baggy sweatshirt.

The next thing I remember is standing on the grass outside the dorm. It was night. There was a bit of commotion, and I don’t think I’d escaped unnoticed, but for now I was unhindered and free.

Recipes are creative, right?

I came up with this all by myself. Which, if you’ve seen me in the kitchen, is a FEAT. I love this dish because it’s SO easy to make and tastes SO amazing. AND it’s healthy!

What you’ll need:
Shell pasta
1 small tomato per mouth to feed
Cheddar cheese (preferably white; the orange kind looks… unappetizing)
Parmesan cheese (I like the sprinkle kind better than grated in this case because it gives the whole thing a little more texture)

What to do:

1. While the water boils, cut up tomatoes into small cubes and cut about five slices of cheddar cheese for each tomato.

2. Melt cheese onto tomatoes while the pasta cooks.

3. Mix it all together. Add Paremsan, basil, rosemary, and salt to taste.

It takes about 15 minutes. Easy peasy!

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