How to make “Inception” work for you!

I am once again besieged by an army of germs, which means lots of sleeping and, thus, plenty of time for dreaming. Last night I slept 14 hours and I woke up from a different dream every hour. Alas, I now remember only snippets of most of them: A hoverboard, a two-day, sleepless expedition through the woods, a peppermint cappuccino, a search for an evasive rooster, a demon on a playground where “the ground is lava.” All different narratives, yet in each I could remember what had happened in the previous dreams. Which probably means I slept like crap, since my brain shouldn’t be that conscious during sleep.

Of all my lost adventures, I do remember one because I became lucid for part of it. After failing to find the aforementioned rooster in a curio shoppe, my mother and I emerged into the main corridor of a shopping mall. I didn’t recognize the place and asked her to take me to Starbucks since I was still tired from the forest mission. She led the way, but even from a distance we could see that the coffee shop was closed.

“That’s okay,” I said. “It’s just imaginary coffee and I’m just imagining I’m tired, so it probably wouldn’t help.” This was the first notion I had that what I was experiencing was not reality.

Suddenly I felt my feet lose contact with the floor. I grabbed an awning to keep from floating away and perched there, looking down at my mother and trying to figure out what was happening. Then I heard Leonardo DiCaprio’s voice in my head: “Accept that this is a dream, and you can do anything you want.”

It was like the moment when a magic eye picture comes into focus. It’s thrilling, but so fragile; if you get excited, the whole thing can slide out of focus and you’ll wake up. I let the truth settle for a minute, and when the dream didn’t fall apart, I drifted down to the floor to weigh my options.

I was lucid, and Leo was right: I could do anything I wanted. Since he was my guide, I decided to start with bending back the ground like Ariadne does in Inception. I held my hand out and willed the corridor to fold. As I watched, it did just that, and moments later the far end of the corridor was standing perpendicular to the earth. I turned and raised the other end of the corridor. But I couldn’t get the floor to bend back over our heads.

I started to worry that the “projections” were going to get mad at me. I looked around. No one was glaring at me, so I carried on. I walked down to the movie theater and tried to bend the ground further, but it just didn’t want to be upside down. I was losing control of the dream and forgetting that I was lucid.

Then people did start to get mad at me. Security wanted to arrest me. I jumped over a wall and hid in an abandoned restaurant. It was tiny and not at all obscured from view, so with my last bit of lucidity I enacted an invisibility field. I could hide out for ages in there and no one who entered would catch so much as a glimpse of me. I cowered in a corner and fell asleep behind some curtains, only to find myself awake in my own bed.

Peace, love and Inception,
Miss Rex


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