Recipes are creative, right?

I came up with this all by myself. Which, if you’ve seen me in the kitchen, is a FEAT. I love this dish because it’s SO easy to make and tastes SO amazing. AND it’s healthy!

What you’ll need:
Shell pasta
1 small tomato per mouth to feed
Cheddar cheese (preferably white; the orange kind looks… unappetizing)
Parmesan cheese (I like the sprinkle kind better than grated in this case because it gives the whole thing a little more texture)

What to do:

1. While the water boils, cut up tomatoes into small cubes and cut about five slices of cheddar cheese for each tomato.

2. Melt cheese onto tomatoes while the pasta cooks.

3. Mix it all together. Add Paremsan, basil, rosemary, and salt to taste.

It takes about 15 minutes. Easy peasy!


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