Sunshine and a bird groom

I woke up from a dream that it was glorious, glorious springtime. Everything was green and in bloom. The sky was brilliant blue and the sun streaked the mist with marvelous gold. It was so bright and beautiful and alive that I ached from the sight of it.

Soon I realized I was dreaming, that in fact there was a class-canceling blizzard raging outside in the real world, and this made me long to soak up the greens even more. But I could not consciously create anything as beautiful as what I’d experienced before. Once I knew it wasn’t real, the foliage faded in comparison to anything in the outside world.

A couple nights ago I had one of those dreams that are like watching a movie, which is really rare for me – usually I’m in the middle of the action. The cool thing was that I could access the minds of the characters I was watching, even though I wasn’t them. First I saw a young man on his honeymoon, waiting for his bride to come out of the bathroom. He was getting ready for something formal.

Then I was in the next room with a dark-haired lady in a black dress. She was watching the groom through a one-way mirror and suddenly stepped through the glass to speak with him. At the exact same moment, the bride emerged from the ladies’ room and her husband swept her into a passionate kiss. But he suddenly saw the dark-haired lady over his wife’s shoulder and pulled back.

He spoke to her in a low voice, secretive and threatening at the same time. “Amy, what are you doing here?”

“What?” asked the wife, not seeing anyone else in the room; but her husband did not notice.

“I saw a shadow last night,” Amy said mysteriously. The man understood this to mean that she’d had a vision. Suddenly he could see himself as Amy did: Black scales and feathers marred the backs of his hands and were even now spreading up his arms. He was infected with something he couldn’t stop, and Amy was there from another layer of reality where it would be possible for him to fight the transformation.

That was all I saw. I don’t know about you, but I think this would make a phenomenal movie, and I intend to write the screenplay.

Peace, love and waist-deep snow,
Miss Rex

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