Dream within a dream

Dream: I was driving with my sister Jay May in the car and we were supposed to be meeting Ravin and/or The Pantsless One. We were coming from the North Shore (even though Jay May doesn’t really live there) and we’d already passed through Boston without Ravin or TPO contacting us to say where to meet. Finally I got fed up and decided to turn around and go into the city so Jay May and I could at least be entertained until those two got it together. I switched lanes to take the exit.

Suddenly I was in a completely different dream. The people in this world tried very hard to convince me it was reality, and at times it felt like it. I don’t remember details but some scary stuff went down (as usual, freaks of some kind were hunting me). Some kind people took me in and tried to help me disguise myself by cutting my hair. The lady asked, “Do you mind if we just chop it all off?” And I was like, “NO. I don’t care. This isn’t real. I have to get out of here!” I tried to explain to her and the younger woman in the room that I wasn’t me, but just a residual self-image. The real me was driving a car and needed to be focusing on not getting killed. Unless I’d already been hit and was having a coma-dream.

After that I became consumed with the idea that I’d been in an accident and that my sister must be hurt or dead. I started screaming, “WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!” Usually this wakes me up, but it didn’t work, and I despaired. Some more stuff happened and then, rather suddenly, I found myself really awake, the haircut and the car ride remembered only as the dreams they were.


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