Mario 1-up mushroom bracelet

I have a confession to make: I am a nerd. Most of my friends are nerds. We still play Mario Kart and Dance Dance Revolution at parties. We analyze our lives with Pokémon allegories. We eat Toy Story macaroni. Some of us (myself not included) even play WoW or DND. I’m more of a bookworm kind of nerd, so the time my friends spend World of Warcrafting, I spend sprawled on my bed with a book under my nose.

But you can be sure I’ll call my roommate’s ex a goomba after he makes her wait 14 hours in suspense before giving the tritest and most heartless breakup speech ever uttered, and I will threaten to go Bowser on him if he so much as looks the wrong way at her again. (Not that I need to defend her; she’s double jointed and put him in a headlock with her knee the last time he tried to tickle her.)

So, suffice it to say, we are nerds. For this reason I gave Ravin this 1-up mushroom bracelet for Christmas:

This one, like the panda, is an alpha pattern, which means you have one main string (I used white) that you tie to each of the other strings (red, in my case) in turn. To make a red knot, just tie the next red string backwards onto your main white string. It sounds complicated, but it’s really very simple as long as you make the effort to keep your rows straight.

I got this pattern from Heather’s Friendship Bracelet Forum. I can’t find the exact page now, but I have the pattern saved if you want to attempt your own. It’s a multicolor alpha pattern, which I actually don’t know how to do, so I simplified it by subbing in red knots for all the black ones. I tried using multiple colors on the first attempt but it looked like crap. Kudos if you can do better than I did!

Happy knotting! While you’re here, stop by my other blog for a comical analysis of infuriating traffic patterns.

Peace, love and The Wizard of Oz,
Miss Rex


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